Artist bears exhibit in a French castle

In April, I had the pleasure to exhibit my bears in a castle, for a whole weekend! The Château de Madame de Graffigny was the perfect place to hold an arts and crafts exhibition:

JEMA 2016 villers nancy metiers rares chateau madame de graffigny

I had the chance to share a room with a maker whose universe completed mine… My bears were nearby tenth-size models created by Henry Bart and his wife! Our exhibition neighboors were very pleasant to talk with, we really enjoyed the two days we spent with them.

Henry Bart - miniatures
Henry Bart Miniatures

Here are some of the other rooms:

Emaux d'art de Longwy - Christian Leclerc, Meilleur Ouvrier de France
Christian Leclerc (Émaux d’art de Longwy)

Christine Strappazzon, abajouriste - Atelier Artabalo
Christine Strappazzon (Atelier Artabalo)

Sofimili - Sophie Muller, modiste à Nancy
Sofimilli, hat maker

The weekend ended so fast, we had so many visitors and we made interresting encounters. This adventure truly enchanted us!

JEMA 2016 lorraine nancy chateau madame de graffigny

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