The bear fallen from the stars in Baccarat!

For the FIMA Baccarat, the bears fallen from the stars had their own marquee! We were selected to be part of the Village des métiers d’art (60 craftsmen). For the occasion, 15 bears travelled with me.

For 3 days, art craftsmen rubbed shoulders with art restorers and training centers. More than 40 art forms were represented durig the 3rd edition of the FIMA (International Festival of Art Forms): stone carver, industrial lamps maker, stained glass artist, doll maker… Satisfying all types of curious people! Between talented craftsmen and kind visitors, I once more made beautiful encounters.



The weather was very capricious… Despite several little showers, the sun was shining. I had the pleasure to welcome special guests in my marquee… I must thank warmily Patricia, Dominique, Danièle and Denis ! Charlotte and I had a wonderful time in your company. Your little attentions were really heart-warming… After discussing online, it is always a great joy to finally meet! This is one of the reasons why I love exhibitions.




The second reason? Discover people’s reactions when they look at my stand, I am never disappointed! Here is a best of:

  • OH THESE FACES!!! Oops, sorry!
  • They have an intelligent look, we just want to laugh with them…
  • They have that expression, it’s amazing!!!
  • (Reading the bears’ names) There is not my name!
  • Can I take a picture?
  • Their looks seem to say “take me with you”… It’s done on prupose, isn’t it?
  • We just would take them all!
  • (Smiling and pointing at my sign “Reserved to the 14 years old and older”) For us it’s OK, we are more than 14!
  • Excuse me but I think they look sad!
  • Watch out, he has fallen! (No, this bear just likes to lay on his back!)
  • (After passing by several times) Sorry, I just had to come back… Can I take a photo?
  • (To a friend, while leaving the stand) MA-GNI-FIQUE.

Charlotte has decided to write down everything she hears during the exhibitions. It is always surprising and very funny to know the public’s feelings. A thousand thank you to all the brave visitors who dared to come by this weird weather!


This article has been delayed several times! I am moving soon and the Christmas exhibitions are coming soon… The blog should now go back to normall ! Here is the 3D picture of L’ours tombé des étoiles‘s stand, just before the first visitor’s arrival:

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