A mother-daughter experience

I have always been searching for a discipline to fulfill my need to create. I tried several arts but I couldn’t find the perfect hobby for me. In 2005, I was randomly visiting websites when I discovered the art of bear making. I instantly loved the concept of One Of A Kind pieces. When you fall in love with a bear, you only have one chance to go through the adoption. Without noticing it, I caught the bears fever: I had become an arctophile! At first, I was only a collector but everything changed a year later. I found out that there was an exhibition nearby and when I talked to artists I completely fell in love with this art. This day was just magic! When I walked out, my daughter pointed out that I should try creating bears of my own. I replicated a pattern and was immediately addicted! For my second bear, I drew my own pattern and I haven’t stopped to create since. My style has evolved throughout the years. I love learning new techniques by myself, without rushing into it. I want to master a technique before trying a new one. For instance, I went from embroidered to fimo noses.

Anne-Marie VERRON - URSA winner - L ours tombe des etoiles bear fallen from stars

Unfortunately, OOAK bears are pretty much unknown in France! When I started creating bears in 2006, it was obvious for me that I had to launch my own website to spread my work. My daughter Charlotte has a Master Degree in international public relations. This adventure is truly a mother-daughter project, our skills are complementary and it’s amazing to live that together. She built this website to help me present my art, and she takes care of all the English contents. She taught me how to take professional-looking pictures and launched my Facebook page. It is a real asset which grants visibility to my bears! I met wonderful people online, artists and bear collectors. French bear artists are not numerous and quite remote: internet provides a link that binds us together.

charlotte verron

In 2013, I was the French Artist of the Year, during the French Teddy Awards, thanks to my clown Jules. Since 2014, I am the first bear maker to be a member of the prestigious Art Workshops of France: artist bears are quite unknown in France, so it is a great recognition as an arts and crafts discipline. For my first participation, I had the honor to get a TOBY Industry’s Choice Award 2015, for my bear Leon. Then, I got an URSA Award 2015 for my sculpture “Théodore & Barnabé”. In 2016, I was very pleased to win a second TOBY Industry’s Choice Award, for my bear Éloïse and then the Trophée Gueules de Miel (Paris Teddy Show) for Donkeyskin… What a wonderful way to celebrate my 10th anniversary as an artist! In january 2017, I was thrilled to get my third TOBY Industry’s Choice Award, for Louis! This year promises to be amazing, as I can announce my participation to my first exhibition abroad, the Hugglets Teddies in London (September 2017)!

My bears are available on this website only, and sometimes when I join art fairs. This exciting adventure allows me to live fully my passion towards bears: I can enjoy their presence until they find a new home.

My bears are collectibles, not toys: they are not suitable for children.