Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve fallen in love with a bear… How to adopt him/her?

It’s so simple!
– First, add the bear to your cart.
– Then, write your address and choose a payment method.
– Confirm your order.
– That’s it! You will get an email if your order succeeded.

If the bear is already reserved or adopted, you can subscribe to my newsletter to get an email when a new bear is available online.

Do you accept payment by installments?

Of course !

  • If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can pay in two or three payments but the bear is only sent when the final payment is cashed. The option is available directly on each bear’s page.
  • If you own a Paypal account, you can pay in three or four installments and you don’t have to wait to get your bear : your order is sent as soon as the first payment is completed.

It’s so convenient to plan a gift for a special occasion! However, please note that this doesn’t work with bears on request (see below).

Which payment methods are accepted?

For the bear to be sent as soon as the adoption fees are cashed, you can pay by:
– Bank transfer
– Paypal

How much are the shipping costs?

The packing fees are included in the adoption fees: brand new box, tissue-paper, Styrofoam…
Parcel post are registered with insurance and sign for delivery.

– France: between 13 and 15 euros, depending of the parcel’s weight.
Other countries: please ask me to do the math for you!

I have fallen in love with a bear but (s)he has already been adopted, can you make the same for me?

My bears are One Of A Kind, sorry!
They look like siblings though : a future creation may look like your bear crush!
A newsletter subscription is the safest way not to miss the creation of your dreams.

Is it possible to order a customized bear?

To allow my imagination to have free play, I don’t do custom work.
However, you can ask me for a bear on request.
You just tell me the size you would like, when it is your turn you will be able to choose the bear’s colour (among the mohairs and alpacas I show you).
Of course, there is no commitment from any side. You are free to adopt the bear or not.
If you don’t have a crush, the bear will be put for adoption online.
Then, you can ask to stay on my waiting list (you become last, not to make the others wait too long) or cancel your request.
Please note that payment by installments are not compatible with bears on request.

I would like to give one of your bears to a child…

My textile sculptures are intended for adults and not for children (under 14).
Collectible bears can not endure to be handled excessively, their eyes and joints are not secure, and they can not be washed.
These are not toys.

I’ve adopted a bear fallen from the stars, do you have some advices about its upkeep?

To remove dust, all you have to do is brush the fur regularly. I advise you to use an iron brush (like one you would use for a dog). Every once in a while, you should tousle the fur with the tip of your fingers, to give it some volume. Most of all, like all textiles mohair and alpaca absorb bad smells, they should not be exposed to smoke.

In last recourse, if you have a steam cleaner, you can use it but the steam cannot touch the fur directly. Personally, I tested that solution: I covered the steam cleaner with a wash cloth not to burn the bear. You have to proceed carefully and in several times, not to soak the fur (the bear would have much trouble drying).

Couldn’t find any answer to your question?

Feel free to ask me you question directly, just contact me!

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