Awards and media

Nicolas sculpture textile TOBY Industry Choice Award 2018 Anne Marie Verron metiers d art Grand Est France

TOBY Awards 2018

For my bear Nicolas, I won a fourth TOBY Industry’s Choice (Dressed Bears category)!

Concours Noels de l art Reims 2017 Dagobear Anne Marie VERRON prix CMA chambre metiers artisanat

Art contest - "Les Noëls de l'Art" 2017

I won an art prize in the ciry of Reims, for my Dagobear!

Teddy Bear and Friends Magazine november december 2017 OOAK artist bears VERRON

Teddy Bear & Friends (USA)

Look who says hello from TBF’s new issue! Bonjour, Hippolyte!
November – December 2017.

"Teddy Bears on Every Table" is published!

What an honour to be included in this fabulous book! These 180 pages about the history of bears were written by Glenn Jackmann, creator of the famous Hugglets. You can learn more about the book online, directly on the event’s website

Louis award winning OOAK artist bear TOBY Industry Choice 2017 ours collection Anne Marie Verron

TOBY Awards 2017

I had the joy to get a TOBY Industry’s Choice 2017 (Dressed Bears category) for my bear Louis!

Australian Bear Creations

I got a beautiful feature in Australian Bear Creations Magazine !
Volume 20 Issue 4 2016.

Gueules de Miel Trophee (Paris Teddy Show)

During the French artist bear exhibition “Gueules de Miel” (Paris Teddy Show), I had the great joy to receive an award. My bear “Peau d’Âne” (Donkeyskin) won the contest!!!

Poppen & Teddy-Beer (Holland)

This beautiful magazine about bears and dolls published a beautiful article about my bears! Issue 112, june/july/august 2016. You can click on the article’s picture to read it.

Homme et metiers magazine 278 avril mai 2016 CMA Lorraine

Hommes & Métiers Magazine (France)

We were chosen to illustrate the success of a company online.
April/May 2016.

Tablettes Lorraines Anne Marie Verron sculpteur textile ours tombe etoiles artisanat art Nancy

Tablettes Lorraines (France)

We were featured in a magazine about local economy!

54 Mag Anne-Marie Verron sculpteur textile ours tombe etoiles artisanat art Nancy JEMA 2016

54 Mag, supplément du journal l'Est Républicain

One of my bears was chosen to represent the Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art en Lorraine!

Teddy Bear Times March April 2016 issue 222 ooak artist bear

Teddy Bear Times

What an honour, my bears are featured in the April/May 2016 issue of Teddy Bear Times Magazine! This issue will be launched just in time to be available during the famous Teddybär Welt.

Pretty Toys Magazine issue 2 34 march april 2016

Pretty Toys Magazine (Russia and USA)

Find Éloïse in issue 2 (34), March/April 2016!

Eloise ours de collection award winning OOAK bear TOBY Industry Choice 2016

TOBY Awards 2016

I had the joy to get a TOBY Industry’s Choice 2016 (Dressed Bears category) for my Éloïse!

Teddy Bear and Friends january february 2016 OOAK artist bears VERRON

Teddy Bear & Friends Magazine (USA)

January/February 2016 issue.

Pretty Toys Magazine (Russia and USA)

We were featured in issue 6 (32),November/December 2015… And I had a beautiful surprise when I saw the cover!

Anne-Marie VERRON - URSA 2015 winner - ooak artist bears - L ours tombe des etoiles bear fallen from stars

URSA Awards 2015 (USA)

Théodore & Barnabé got me a rosette in the Vignette category, thanks to all of you!

Teddy Bear & Friends (USA)

Marius says hi from the November/December 2015 issue.

Teddys Kreativ (Germany)

Find us in the 05/2015 issue!

Ours de collection artiste - sculptures textiles - Anne Marie Verron - ours tombe etoiles

L’Est Républicain (France)

After I exhibited in the Marché des Métiers d’Art de Nancy, an article was published about the event and my work (July 2015).

Teddy Bear & Friends (USA)

I think I recognize Etienne in the July/August 2015 issue…

Ours et Poupées (France)

Ours et Poupées (Bears and Dolls), french magazine for arctophiles featured us in issue 4, April/May/June 2015.

TOBY Award 2015 (USA)

Yay! I got a TOBY Industry’s Choice Award 2015 (Undressed Bears category), thanks to my bear Léon!

Pretty Toys Magazine (Russia and USA)

I got the cover of Pretty Toys Magazine! December/January 2015 issue, available in english and in russian.

France 3 Lorraine

TV report broadcasted on 5 January 2015.

Teddy Bear and Friends (USA)

Céline appears in the January/February 2015 issue. (France)

Special thanks to for this interview (27 March 2015).

Teddy Bear and Friends (USA)

I see Ophélie in the March/April 2015 issue!

Article Gare a l Art - Nancy Thermal 2014 - ours de collection artiste

L'Est Républicain (France)

Article published after I exhibited at Gare à l’Art, marché de Noël d’objets d’artistes à Nancy (5-6-7 December 2014).

Lorraine Magazine (France)

L’ours tombé des étoiles is in the Christmas 2014 issue!
L’article « les ours de collection d’Anne-Marie Verron »

Teddy Bear and Friends (USA)

Arthur is among the Christmas bears… November/December 2014.

Spectacles (France)

In Christmas’ issue (December 2014), Aurore is among the “presents like no other”!

KuscheltierNews E-Paper (Germany)

The KuscheltierNews E-Paper, german artist bear magazine, featured L’ours tombé des étoiles! Digital magazine, 1,50€ per issue.

Revue Nos Arts avril mai 2014 Anne-Marie Verron sculpture textile lorraine

Revue Nos Arts (France)

Portrait in the April/May 2014 issue.

Ours et Poupées (France)

Ours & Poupées n°1 – April 2014
We participated to the magazine’s rebirth, it is back in paper version. Discover our portrait and the new Ours & Poupées!

Hashtag Teddy (UK)

Hashtag Teddy is a digital magazine, find us in issue 2 (January 2014).

Palmares FTA French Teddy Awards 2013

French Teddy Awards – 2ème Édition

Jules et Prosper were awarded (December 2013) !

Tête de l’Art (Vosges Télévision - France)

Filmed in November 2013.