Gueules de Miel Paris Teddy Show – 2016 edition

This year, we exhibited at Gueules de Miel (Paris Teddy Show), the biggest artist bear show in France! An incredible day which ended perfectly, as I won the contest!

I have been creating bears for a long while… Charlotte and I wanted to join this exhibition for so long. L’ours tombé des étoiles’ 10th birthday seemed like the perfect opportunity to jump in! Will the public’s reaction justify such a long trip? We were quite worried before our journey from Heillecourt to Paris.

We finally got the chance to meet people we only knew online. What a great joy to chat between arctophiles! I want to thank everyone who came to see us, whether they adopted a bear or not! The only con was the lack of visitors in the afternoon, a shame because we wanted to meet new bear collectors who do not know my work. Time flew by anyway and several bears found new homes. Gabriel, Yvonne, Roland, Nicolas, Odette, Mona et Colette did not come back from our trip to Paris. I just couldn’t let Donkeyskin go, so I brought her back to my workshop…

The highlight of the event was of course the contest! This year’s theme was “Our Bears think they are heroes (Comics, Movies…)”. Throughout the day, visitors were asked to vote for their favourite piece. I daresay they had choice: the very rich theme, which could be interpreted in several ways led to 17 participations. After the public’s vote, I had the great joy to win the Trophée Gueules de Miel. I have to thank everyone who allowed Peau d’Âne to win the competition’s first place.

Trophee Salon Gueules de Miel Paris Teddy Show 2016 premier prix Anne Marie VERRON Peau d Ane AGDM

We left Gueules de Miel with a smile on our faces! I want to thank Marie-France and Lucie for organizing this event which needed months of work. We really enjoyed exhibiting in this beautiful place and we were also satisfied by our stand’s location. Now, it is time for me to go back to the arts and crafts world. I have other exhibitions in October and November, but these are other stories that I will tell you on this blog later…

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