Anne-Marie VERRON – Textile sculptures: busts and OOAK bears (France)

Welcome on L’ours tombé des étoiles (aka The Bear Fallen from the Stars)! The OOAK bears you will find here are textile sculptures, unique art pieces to decorate your home. But why do they look so sad and melancholic? Because they have fallen from the stars… And from Ursa Major to our planet, what a trip ! They are lost and looking for a new home. Why not yours?

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Anne-Marie and Charlotte VERRON
Last update: 08/07/18

Ours de collection award winning OOAK bear Peau d Ane TOBY Industry Choice 2016 trophee gueules de miel Paris Teddy Show 2016 Verron

Member of Ateliers d’Art de France since 2014:
Logo Ateliers d Art de France AAF metiers d art artisan

Noel de l art Reims concours professionnel metiers dart Grand Est 2017 theme enfance

Anne Marie Verron award winning teddy bear artist - TOBY URSA FTA Gueules de Miel trophee prize

Beware: OOAK bears are decoration objects, despite their looks they are not suitable for children under 14.